Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Utility Line knives - from Catcheside Cutlery

I am introducing a new line of Kitchen knives in mono stainless and high carbon steel. These will be available as "Off the shelf only" to buy in my store.

The range will be expanded weekly to include..

90mm Paring
180mm Petty
210 Gyuto
240mm Gyuto
270mm Gyuto
270mm Suji
210mm Special ground Nakiri

In fully ground 01 and 14c28n stainless. The finish standard is very high and very nearly matches that of a custom knife, with my heat treatment and grind. The main difference in the line is that the handles will be made by myself in larger volumes in 3 set sizes to help speed production and keep the line very much to the essential basics which make a superbly performing everyday knife, with no unnecessary frills. The pricing is therefore also lowered appropriately.
Here are some pictures of the first 3 in wonderful 14c28n swedish stainless steel @ 62hrc. Available in store now...
Soon to follow, the Nakiri and the carbon steel range in cryo treated 01 steel.

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