Kitchen Knives Gallery

This Pair finished in my simple damascus clad blue paper steel. These are a san mai construction, the cladding is a little softer than the hard core, core is around 62hrc.
These are both 250mm Gyuto's of two slightly different blade profiles according to the customers choice.

 This Handle is Arizona ironwood/black wood with copper spacer and Mokume endcaps.

 This handle is made from Buckeye burl/black wood with a Mammoth tooth spacer.

Damascus carving set. The Blade is 300mm damascus clad blue paper steel, the fork is forged from solid damascus.
This is also a new handle shape for me. It is more diamond shaped than octagonal with a taper front and back. It is very comfortable in either "hammer grip" or "pinch grip".
Handle materials are Redwood burl, black wood, bronze with red spacers.

High layer Feathered W's Chef knife, 240mm blade, Full damascus fittings fully convex faces, cuts like a demon.

"Turbulence" Pattern 180mm Chef knife, (Wa Petty). Full damascus fittings Stabilized maple burl, convex faces, great balance of taper and convexity making this one very laser like yet robust. Fantastic little knife.
This Pattern is a one off.