The Artist

My long obsession with steel has taken me on a wonderful journey. Since starting my blacksmithing business, Complete Forge, ten years ago, I have focussed on my own unique designs in hot forged work, and have had the satisfaction of completing many unique pieces, all of which I am very proud.

I was awarded a diploma of merit by the worshipful company of blacksmiths in 2008. This allows me the letters AWCB after my name and stands as a mark of quality in forge work.

Catcheside Cutlery has become an extension of that work for me. I have found I love making damascus, layered steel and the process of making a knife, from producing the material, to doing the final honing of the finished work.
 My focus is Kitchen knives and Straight Razors as for me these are the biggest challenges, as products are expected to perform as superby as they look, time and time again, bringing back the concept of functional art.

Please enjoy my blog, become a member and join me on my Journey.