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With permission and thanks to Justin.

Hi Will, 
I just wanted to let you know that the knife arrived today save and sound. Also, thank you for the polishing compound! I have used various different compounds and strop combinations, but have not tried that one yet. 
As for the knife: 
I'll be honest and admit that, when I bought it I was unsure as to the quality or performance of the knife. Obviously it looked good in pictures and the specs description sounded good, but with things as tricky as knives, you never really have a sense of them until you hold them in your hand and spend time time using them. I knew that the amazing price that the knife sold for was a bargain, I just wasn't sure how just how much of a bargain it would be. 
Obviously the knife and I still have some time to get acquainted, but all that I can say so far is WOW! This is truly a spectacular tool and work of art. I have no doubt that this will be the best bargain / value per dollar purchase that I will ever make in kitchen knives (unless I happen to find a Kramer at an estate sale for $20 . 
The Damascus is amazing: photos really don't do it justice. 
The handle is excellent (and I have 3 custom handles from very well handle specialists). I really appreciate your decision to be bold and make the handle as large as you did. It doesn't feel a mm to big. I'm surprised that the knife isn't at all handle heavy, but has a very neutral balance point. 
Blade shape, thickness and grind geometry are all very good. So far I've only done one onion, an apple, basil, spinach, cheese and some sausage with it, but it's preformed beautifully. You're right about it being "onion-tastic"; it may well be the best onion knife that I've used. It's also started to form a really unique rainbow patina: it seems that the alternating layers of steel react in different ways/ colors - a very cool effect. 
Also, as both a testament to the potential of the steel and to your sharpening skills, I will say that this is the best OTB edge that I have ever seen on a knife (and I own a white-steel Carter). 

After I've spent some more time with it, I will be sure to write a more in-depth review and post it so that all those people who didn't jump on it when you first listed it can really kick themselves good.

Bottom line: thank you very much for all of the time and love that you put into this knife. Know that it's found a home where it will be loved and enjoyed for this and hopefully generations to come. 


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