Monday, 19 September 2011

A pair of Ginger Ninjas, can I say that?

These were going to be 210mm Pettys but they ended up a bit longer at 240mm. So good for Suji style slicing and rock chopping as well as nimble for smaller tasks.
The are quite ridged and 2.2mm thick at the back. This tapers to 1mm 1" behind the tip.
The faces are slightly convex to help prevent sticking of food. They are ground super thin behind the edge, about 0.15mm before honing.
They are both in high carbon high contrast damascus. One is a feather pattern, the other is a 4 bar twisted W's pattern. The handles are in Madronne burl, Bocote ferrule with brass spacer. Both honed up now and will pop the tops of your arm hair.
Next up will be a 240mm Gyuto, a 160mm petty and a 270-300mm Suji in a bold W's pattern. These will represent my high end line up. More affordable ones to come in San Mai and mono-steel with simpler handles. Same quality of finish though I hasten to add.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Current Selection of Kitchen Knives for Sale.

From little to large. All unique creations in my of damascus steel. Tested and finished to give superb performance. See Complete Knives for details.

Blade Geometry

Although my blades are razor sharp. I discovered that I was having difficultly cleanly push cutting through an over-ripe tomato, my usual edge was a fine convexed bevel. This is a harder test than it sounds. Breaking the skin cleanly and without crushing, by only pushing down very slightly.
I decided to adapt the bevel on the Bano Bocho to have a higher secondary bevel set at 7 degrees per side. It then has a tiny micro-bevel set at 11 degrees per side. This made massive difference to both the ease of push cutting difficult food and the glide going through onions, with much less suction on the blade. So I have now sharpened all my knives in this way. It makes for a little less material behind the edge, a more even bevel, performs brilliantly on push cuts and horizontal slicing and is easier to maintain on a wet-stone and strop.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Welcome to my Kitchen Knife blog

I have decided to have a specific blog for Kitchen knives as it covers a great number of possible styles and options. You can use this blog in a number of ways to order a Kitchen Knife from me.

Check the available finished knives and order one which is ready to ship.

Check the available blades, choose a handle style and materials and contact me for a semi-custom order.

For full custom work if you know exactly what you want, I am all ears. If you need ideas, use the blog as a resource of blade shape, handle materials and damascus patterns to get ideas for your custom order. Custom orders can take time as I am a busy boy with my Artist Blacksmithing projects as well as Blade-smithing. But don't let that put you off contacting me.

Contact me via my e-mail in the contacts section. I take paypal for payment and shipping.