For Sale

Butterflies Pattern 270mm Sujihuki for sale.

Steel 1080/15n20 @ 60 hrc
This is a multi-bar W's based pattern, I called my version "Butterflies"
Blade length 280 mm
Height 46 mm
Full distal taper about 3mm over the heel, 2mm midway, 1mm an inch behind the tip.
Very thin at the edge,
Convex geometry.
The handle is Blackwood and Stabilized amboyna burl. It has an ally dowel.
The knife balances 25mm ahead of the choil.
This one is ready to go and cuts and handles beautifully.

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Below are all SOLD

Vivid W's Pattern 300mm Sujihiki.

More information available here

Now sold.

Vivid W's Pattern 240mm Gyuto, Chef Knife.

More Pictures and specifications can be found here

The price is £460 Shipped Contact me for payment details. NOW SOLD

Turbulence Pattern Petty, 180mm blade, explosion pattern damascus fittings with stabilized maple burl.
Convex faces, laser thin behind the edge. Pure cutting art.

Price is £490 shipped, contact me for payment details. NOW SOLD

Paring Knives ,(only 1 left now) - All now sold.
2mm thick with a dramatic taper to the tip, blade lengths 95mm-110mm. Slightly convex faces for cutting performance. Super thin behind the edge.

The steels are 75ni8 and en42j around 100 layers.

San Mai Funyaki - Half ground en42j core.
Affordable versatile kitchen knife. Blade length 200mm
Now sold

Full Damascus Petty/Sujihuki 240mm. NOW SOLD
1 still avalailable