Sunday, 7 August 2011

Blade Geometry

Although my blades are razor sharp. I discovered that I was having difficultly cleanly push cutting through an over-ripe tomato, my usual edge was a fine convexed bevel. This is a harder test than it sounds. Breaking the skin cleanly and without crushing, by only pushing down very slightly.
I decided to adapt the bevel on the Bano Bocho to have a higher secondary bevel set at 7 degrees per side. It then has a tiny micro-bevel set at 11 degrees per side. This made massive difference to both the ease of push cutting difficult food and the glide going through onions, with much less suction on the blade. So I have now sharpened all my knives in this way. It makes for a little less material behind the edge, a more even bevel, performs brilliantly on push cuts and horizontal slicing and is easier to maintain on a wet-stone and strop.

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