Friday, 29 July 2011

Welcome to my Kitchen Knife blog

I have decided to have a specific blog for Kitchen knives as it covers a great number of possible styles and options. You can use this blog in a number of ways to order a Kitchen Knife from me.

Check the available finished knives and order one which is ready to ship.

Check the available blades, choose a handle style and materials and contact me for a semi-custom order.

For full custom work if you know exactly what you want, I am all ears. If you need ideas, use the blog as a resource of blade shape, handle materials and damascus patterns to get ideas for your custom order. Custom orders can take time as I am a busy boy with my Artist Blacksmithing projects as well as Blade-smithing. But don't let that put you off contacting me.

Contact me via my e-mail in the contacts section. I take paypal for payment and shipping.


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